The Meaning of Home-waters

August 21, 2019

Home-waters are a repository of cherished memories


The familiar caress of the water as it swirls past your legs, murmuring as it flows endlessly out of sight, brings with it scents that rekindle cherished memories--the waters we call home are far more than a favorite fishing hole.


Home-waters are as much a repository of cherished memories as they are a pleasant divergence from the rush of daily life.  For a lucky few of us our home-waters have been passed down from our elders, passed through our hands like line following a strong back-cast, and are set to be inherited by our children or grand-children.  True home-waters are meant to be passed on.


Generational change was much on my mind as I recently watched my children play in my beloved home-waters in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains.  It was too hot to fish most of the days-- the valley below our 8,700' mountain stream sweltered in 90 degree plus heat-- so we played in the cool waters streaming from snowpack melted a few months prior, just as I had done in my youth thirty years earlier.


While the fishing left us all wanting more, both my children, ages 4 and 6, begged to go fishing every day we spent in our three room cabin built by their great-great-great grandfather in 1916.  Watching them splash through the water, throw rocks, and chase sticks down stream brought with it childhood memories and a recognition that when you care enough about a place you love time, for a brief period, loops back on itself and connects every generation that has stepped into the stream; the waters not only flows on endlessly, but carries with it perpetual memories that truly make them home-waters.


Alas, the flow of time brings with it the inevitability of change.  And change has come to the Conservation Angler blog.  After first dipping my toes into blogging five years ago the time has come to draw the blog to a close so that I can focus my efforts on other professional writing endeavors.  I will return here to write from time-to-time, but the era of (semi) regular posts on fly fishing and conservation has drawn to a close.


Thank you all for reading and commenting on the topics I've covered over the years.  I wish you the best.


Until next time,
Cheers & tight lines,




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