How environmentally friendly is your fly floatant?

February 26, 2019

Conservation has long been a keystone value of the fly fishing community.  Anglers have become involved in everything from habitat conservation, to public access, to regulation changes to support sustainable fisheries.  In short, our love of fly fishing supports our shared conservation ethic.


Many of us crimp or remove barbs from our hooks before a fly ever touches the water.  How many of us have come back with pockets filled with discarded plastic bottles or cast aside styrofoam worm containers?  These are just a couple of the humble steps we take while on the water to protect our beloved sport and its resources.  But, have you ever considered the environmental impact of your fly floatant?  If you haven't you're in the same boat as me.


I was pleasantly surprised to talk with the good folks from High N Dry Fishing products at The Fly Fishing Show in Lynwood, WA.  In conversation with them I learned the company was established by a pair of chemists with a love of fly fishing.  From their professional passion has been borne four floatants and desiccants that are both environmentally friendly and effective.


Keeping toxins out of our streams, lakes, and rivers is a critical component to maintaining the health of the habitat and our sport.  Anglers have already removed lead from our tackle in place of tungsten and copper; now, with the High N Dry floatants we have the opportunity to remove chemical toxins in the form volatile organic compounds from our beloved waters.  Improving the sustainability of the floatant we choose to use is not an insignificant concern as our favorite waters feel more and more pressure every year.


The next time you go to your local fly shop ask them if they have any of the High N Dry products for themselves?  If not, let them know you're interested in a floatant that protects the environment!


Feeling a bit of cabin fever this winter?  Checkout  Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters!  It's the perfect read while dreaming of returning to the water.


Until next time,
Cheers & tight lines,



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