Winter reading: Upriver & Downstream

December 27, 2018

When cabin fever seizes me at its worst during the winter and all I can do is retreat to my favorite chair with a book in hand I make sure to read something that will reconnect me with the water and fly fishing.  My most recent read is Upriver & Downstream, a collection of fly fishing stories.  Below is the review I provided the book on the Goodreads website. 


The wonderful little stories that comprise Upriver & Downstream remind us why it is that we return to the river time and time again.  No matter whether it's to reconnect with an old friend, cast on a familiar home-water, or seek a new adventure, the draw to the river with pole in hand is for a single reason hidden beneath layers of meaning-- to catch fish.


The book is split between different types of water and the fish they hold: from mountain trout streams to striped bass on tidal flats, Long Island to grand old England, and everything in between.  Given their humble origins in the page of a newspaper the stories are short and direct, but filled with a fishermen's cleverness and appreciation of irony along with helpful tidbits of fishing lore.  I implore you to read those stories beyond the waters you typically fish.  I suspect you'll find familiar the appreciation for the naked beauty of fishing on a stormy sea and the stubborn passion that pushes a fisherman to cast in the dead of night for fish that likely are not there to be caught.  As is so often the case, it's the fishing not the catching that draws us to the water.  You'll discover through these tales that we're all kindred spirits on the water no matter our quarry, method, or location.  Read on and I wish you the best with the book and the fishing!


Feeling a bit of cabin fever yourself this winter?  Use the coupon code Cabin Fever at our store to get Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters for 25% off.   It's the perfect read while dreaming of returning to the water.


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