Discovering Yellowstone's Secret Gold

December 5, 2018

Most people go to Yellowstone National Park for the geysers, abundance of wildlife, and superlative inspiring scenery--but have you heard about the poet's treasure that may be hidden there?  Forrest Fenn's chest of gold and gems is hidden with only a cryptic poem to point the way.  Many believe the treasure is hidden in a landscape so gorgeous that no amount of gold can rival it's beauty.  Do you want to discover Yellowstone's secret gold?


Beyond the hunt for bullion there is a wonderful, hidden Yellowstone for those willing to seek it out.  Those who do are usually anglers.  While the secret of Fenn's golden treasure remains unsolved, the secret gold of Yellowstone is there for the intrepid to discover of their own accord.

 The Firehole River in Yellowstone.  Hotspring water pours into the river.


Hidden beneath the thinnest of watery veils the aquatic environs of trout lie mysterious and unknown.  It is only at the moment that the trout raises his snout from beneath the water's surface to snatch a fly that the veil is parted in the most minute of fashion.  By pole and line, leader and hook, the angler is given the briefest of glimpses into the watery realm, and hidden beneath it isYellowstone's truly golden secret.


Much has been written about the small brook trout, feisty rainbow trout, and stubborn brown trout, all of which inhabit Yellowstone's fables waters, but the true wonder is Yellowstone's native- the cutthroat trout.   There are  two varieties of Yellowstone's golden trout treasures: the Westlope cutthroat and the aptly named Yellowstone cutthroat trout.


The iconic Fishing Bridge.  Fishing is no longer permitted from the bridge in order to protect native cutthroat trout.


And here is the best secret of all--you can find golden flanked Yellowstone cutthroat trout well outside of Yellowstone National Park.  So why not rig up your pole and embark on an adventure for Yellowstone's aquatic gold?   I guarantee you'll strike gold long before those seeking Fenn's treasure.


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