Fried Trout for Breakfast

November 16, 2018

Just the way Grandpa used to make it.


Smoke rolled out of the kitchen and filled the nearly one hundred year old log cabin with the smell of trout fried whole in cornmeal.   Grandpa didn't cook often, in fact now that I think about it, the only time in my entire life I ever saw grandpa cook was when he was frying trout for breakfast in a cast-iron skillet at the family cabin known as Rubyat.


As a little boy the best parts of summer were trips to the family cabin.  And the best part of cabin trips were found on the waters of West Tensleep Creek just down the hill from the cabin.  With fly rod in hand and filled with a ten year old's excitement I would spend as much time on the stream with my fly rod as possible.

 A Tasty Trout


I would work the same quarter mile stretch of water again and again.  I would wet wade back and forth (water levels allowing) to fish the undercut bank I had cast from earlier that same day.  Then, after shuffling my way across the cobble-bottom stream bed, I would turn around and cast beneath over hanging willows, watching intently as my heavy hackled fly bobbed through the riffle, swept around the soggy branches  to disappear suddenly in a swirl.  A hungry trout struck!  This is how home-waters are born.


Fighting the little trout on my brown and yellow fiberglass spin/fly rod combo pole, I brought the feisty  fish to hand, measured him, and decided if he would go into the creel.  Those that found themselves in my creel would first get a wrap on the back of the head with my pocket knife to prevent any suffering.  Those trout were frying pan bound.


Today, while many of my friends are in the field wearing hunter orange I will wave to them from the river.  Good hunting by friends.  Maybe tomorrow we can get together for breakfast and I'll fry up some trout just like grandpa used to.


Stay tuned next week as readers of the Conservation Angler will get a special Black Friday coupon for a signed copy of  Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters: Family, Fly Fishing, and Conservation!  The setting for today's post is the same as my book.

Until next time,

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