The Tyranny of Spring

May 6, 2018

Through the dark months of winter you sat impatiently, thumbing pages of out-of-date fishing catalogs, sorting in your mind the order in which you would leap from water to water, new gear in hand, casting to bountiful trout in verdant valleys.  But, those wishes ring hollow as fierce gales and snow keep you bound to the house-- your fly rod snugly fitted into its tube, resting contently in the corner.


Barely able to resist the near-feral call of the water you retreat to your vice.  Hour-upon-hour you tie patterns: first your favorites, then the classics, and as the work lessens its ability to sooth your ache for the water, you experiment until there rests in the jaws of your vice a Frankenstein-like creation that reflects the madness clawing at you as you wait for winter to release its grip on the land.


For a brief moment spring arrives!  The air warms, snow in the low country disappears, and with a little luck you make it to the water.  No trout rise except in the most popular sections of tail-water.  No matter, its not the catch that you seek on these days.  It's the act itself that means everything.  Assembling your gear, planning the short trip to the water, rigging your pole, selecting a pattern, and then... the cast.  That glorious first cast that screams of equal parts triumph and rusty skill.  But that hardly matters as you watch your line drift downstream-- everything is moving in the right direction, finally.  But winter is only in temporary retreat.


With the suddenness of an unanticipated strike, snow flies again and your first trip of the season becomes only a mirage leaving you even more parched.  This scene plays itself out time and again until the weather turns fully to spring bringing with it the seasonal apocalypse-- spring runoff.  And thus, the tyranny of spring is borne out as you retreat to less satisfying waters until the mountains around you have finished pouring their massive snowmelt into the streams and rivers.  Ah, but the anticipation is sweet, for once those waters recede to within their banks and the color of earth is washed away to the sea, the trout hiding in the depths will be waiting for you.


Need something to tide you over as you await for runoff to end? Check out Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters: Family, Fly Fishing, and Conservation!


Cheers & tight lines,





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