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September 18, 2017

My childhood home-waters were filled with brook, brown, and rainbow trout, and continue to be today.  I'm as thankful today as I was then that my favorite streams were teeming with trout just waiting for a young boy to cast a fly to them.


I was stunned to learn years later that none of the trout species that I loved to fish for as a boy were native to the water's I so loved.  No, Yellowstone cutthroat are the natives of my home-waters, and had long ago been replaced by the trout I grew-up with.  I love brook, brown, and rainbow trout no less for being non-natives in my home-waters, but the world is changing and it is time to make room for natives, which is the central argument of my book Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters.


The wonderful news is that Yellowstone cutthroat trout, native to Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains and my own home-waters, are being returned to their historical home range.  I can now fish for the trout that I grew-up loving as well as the native species that occupied the waters when my family first laid eyes on Wyoming- five generations ago.


Want to learn more about the history of Wyoming's trout or the plight and restoration of native trout in the Rocky Mountains?  Then check out Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters: Family Fly Fishing, and Conservation, it addresses these issues and so much more!

This blog was posted on the original Conservation Angler blogger page on 9/18/2017 and has been slightly updated for posting here.


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