This is Wyoming Mountains- and more!

October 9, 2017

Wyoming is a special place.  Many who come here are struck by a sense of rapture as they gaze up at the Teton Mountains, smell the sulfur of Yellowstone's geysers, or wait for the electric shock of a trout striking a dry fly on wilderness waters, all for the first time; each one of these experiences are Wyoming through-and-through.


Many people visit Wyoming for a once-in-lifetime trip, others will return time and again, and then a few will move out here permanently.  Its the love of a landscape that draws us here, enthralls us with rugged peaks, seas of sagebrush, and turquoise streams.  In essence the sense of place that is Wyoming is what ties us all together no matter our background.


It's love of my native Wyoming that propelled me to write Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters, it's also why, in the second half of the book, I've laid out a vision for conservation that spans from mountain peaks to valley bottoms.  Its only when when we take our love of a landscape and turn that expansive vision into action that we'll bridge our own differences to solve seemingly intractable problems- together.


This week's blog post is a sample of pictures from my travels this summer in my native Wyoming.  In short- this is Wyoming.


This blog was posted on the original Conservation Angler blogger page on

10/9/2017 and has been slightly updated for posting here.


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