Required Winter Reading- The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

January 28, 2018

Every January when the wind blows coldest and the days in Wyoming seem shortest my thoughts turn toward the coming year's fishing adventures.  Every year as the Chinook winds blow I reach for the same book-- The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing.


There is no more concise yet invaluable guide to improving one's angling skills than what is to be found between the red covers of this book.  No matter how many times I thumb through its pages I put hand to forehead as I recognize a tactic that would have helped me land "the one that got away" the previous year.  And each time I skim though the well thumbed pages I always come away with something new even though the words themselves never seem to rearrange themselves on the page.


The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing is the book I wish I'd had when I first began fly fishing.  Every entry is written with the streamside angler in mind, the anecdotes range from folksy to witty, but above all each presentation is invaluable.  Distilling to the very essence of what anglers want in a book to improve and refine their skill is the gift of Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyers' writing.


From correcting common casting mistakes to improving trout stalking and fly presentation The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing does it all in such a sensible fashion as to strip away the pretension that too often accompanies these types of works and gives the sport an unjustified elitist epithet. 


Combined with the beautiful and engaging entomology found in The Bug Book (see my previous post here), there is no better way to dream and prepare for the next season's angling adventures.


Want to spend some of your winter hours with a book that inspires you to return to the stream?  Check out Wyoming Mountains & Home-waters: Family, Fly Fishing, and Conservation


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