Thank you for considering Sage Creek Press.  Below you will find the type of work we are currently looking to publish.  If you think your manuscript is a good fit please follow the query guidelines and reach out to us.  We can't wait to hear from you.



We are currently looking to publish nonfiction work that connects to one of the following:

  • Fly fishing

  • Public lands 

  • The Rocky Mountains

  • Environmental conservation, particularly in the western United States

While we encourage authors to read these guidelines broadly, the closer your manuscript fits within one of the above categories the more likely we are to be interested in it.

 If you feel your manuscript fits, send a one page query that tells us:

  1. About your book,

  2. How it fits in one of the above categories,

  3. About your previous work as a writer and any other qualifications you think we should know about

Right now we only publish non-fiction, so please no fiction or poetry queries.

Send us your query in the body of an email titled Query to

We strive to reply to your query letter in two weeks.  If we ask for a full proposal please follow the guidelines below. 

Thank you for your diligence; we know it's been a long road to get here and we commend you on not giving up!


When submitting a full proposal include the following materials:

  1. Introduction (be sure to include when the manuscript will be complete)

  2. Author qualifications (tell us about yourself including if you've previously worked with an editor)

  3.   Competing works & positioning

  4. Marketing (do you have an author platform, how will you help us get the word out about your book?)

  5. An annotated chapter outline

  6. Two sample chapters​

We prefer proposals be in pdf format.  Send full proposals to

We strive to respond to your proposal within 30 days (or sooner!).  If you haven't heard from us by then please send us a quick email.


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